Прилетело очередное тк. называемое «Нигерийское письмо». Интересный вариант:

От кого: Mrs.Mary Karen Smith

Beloved ,

I am Mrs.Mary Karen Smith. I am married to Dr. Steven .C. Smith from Kenya who worked with a construction company in Asia for twenty Years before he died in a mysterious disasters, we were married but without Any children, Since his death I decided not to remarry and presently I am 70 Years old.

I have intention of helping the helpless by establishing a charity home any where in the world, but i am not healthy now,And can not handle it Due to my health condition.

Note that no charges will be required from you in any case what so ever before the
release of the fund.

God bless
Mother Mary Smith

Хотел пожаловаться в Google и Mail.ru, но что-то лениво. Нигерийское письмо. Типичный пример.